Intricate Labyrinth Sculptures Made Of Grains Of Salt [Pics]

Intricate Labyrinth Sculptures Made Of Grains Of Salt [Pics]
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Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto creates painstaking pieces of art grain by grain.

Ross Brooks
  • 4 june 2013

Motoi Yamamoto is an artist who describes the process of creating his work like following the traces of a memory – the result is these fantastic pieces of art that will captivate your imagination.


The artist first started creating the salt works as a tribute to his sister, who died of brain cancer when she was just 24 years old. Apart from the personal motivation, Motoi also works with salt because of its presence in nature. Once the salt has served its purpose as part of his exhibits, the labyrinth is disassembled and reunited with the ocean.


This video shows just how intricate the process can be:

Motoi Yamamoto


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