Samsung To Give Out 1 Million Early Copies Of Jay-Z’s New Album To Its Users

Samsung To Give Out 1 Million Early Copies Of Jay-Z’s New Album To Its Users

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Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 18 june 2013

Jay-Z‘s new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail” is not out yet, but Samsung has already bought 1 million copies to distribute freely exclusively to Samsung Galaxy users.

The phone company that has drawn a great deal of attention for its latest phone, Samsung Galaxy S4, has created a media buzz over Jay-Z‘s upcoming album. Samsung bought the album for $5 a piece and will give away copies 72 hours before its official release date of July 4th. The phone company is using an app for the distribution that prevents the album from being shared before July 4th.


Jay-Z‘s music featured as an anachronistic soundtrack to this year’s blockbuster movie, The Great Gatsby and his newest album has been getting a lot of hype. At this point of time, it seems like anything that touches Jay-Z could turn into gold or at the very least, Samsung‘s deal with Jay-Z could help increase its own ‘coolness’ factor. This partnership could help Samsung compete with Apple’s iTunes Radio that promises to give listeners free access to music before their release dates.

This deal seems like a brilliant marriage of mutually benificial marketing decisions, however, it looks like the biggest winner in this scenario seems to be Jay-Z who has already made $5 million in album sales, a month before the official release of his album.

Check out Samung’s ad for Jay-Z‘s new album that features celebrities such as producer Rick Rubin, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland:


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