The Scribble Board by London street artist Mobstr encourages people to unleash their inner artist.

London street artist Mobstr gave the public a chance to become artists themselves with his latest project called The Scribble Board.

The artist placed a white billboard in a busy area in Bethnal Green, London. The board was labeled as The Scribble Board with instructions saying, ‘Please use the markers provided.' There were four markers hanging from the board on chains.

The billboard quickly became a large doodle board for anyone and everyone.

In an interview with Animal, the artist revealed that The Scribble Board was an experiment of sorts. He was curious about how people would react if they had a chance to write on a billboard. What he found out was that the public loved to doodle. In less than an hour, the board was already covered with various doodles and he had to replace the markers frequently. In the interview, Mobstr also revealed that different types of people wrote on the board and this led him to say that “deep inside everyone wants to be a vandal.”

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