Startup Makes Private WiFi Connections Shareable

Startup Makes Private WiFi Connections Shareable

Karma applies the idea of "What goes around, comes around" to Wi-Fi networks.

Ross Brooks
  • 27 june 2013

Trying to find a Wi-Fi connection outside of your local coffee shop can often be a frustrating experience. Instead of trying to hack the nearest connection or find a hotspot, why not make things easier with Karma.

This particular startup is on a mission to make Wi-Fi ubiquitous, pay as you go, and perhaps most importantly, shareable. It does all of this using a small and simply-designed hotspot device that costs $79.


By linking to Sprint’s Clearwire network, and creating an account, users are able to access the internet from anywhere. Karma provides you with 1GB of data to get started, after which it costs $14 for every additional GB.

That’s plenty of data when you consider most people use 500MB on average per device, per month. 1GB would allow you to send 500 emails, or visit 1,000 webpages, more than enough activity to keep you occupied when you’re away from your normal connection.

The best part is that your connection is available to everyone around you. By accessing your hotspot and registering with the company, users receive a free 100MB – and as an act of karma, you also get 100MB of free data. As you can see, the idea of Karma comes from the fact the more you share your connection, the more you receive down the line.


Since 2012, the startup has added tens of thousands of users to it’s rank, all of whom have been accumulating free data. On average, each user earns 500MB of free data each month, just for sharing. The idea has also spread to 80 different cities across the US, with more expected after the company’s new app gains popularity.


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