Skate Park Ramps Also Prevents Flooding

Skate Park Ramps Also Prevents Flooding
Design & Architecture

Concrete structures in Denmark combine recreation with functionality to protect people from natural disasters.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 18 june 2013

Global climate change has resulted in an increase in extreme weather worldwide. Receiving a large share of the impact are coastal areas and low-lying lands hit by tropical storms and flooding, from the U.S. East Coast to the North Sea in Europe.

With an increased occurrence of flooding in Denmark due to a series of heavy rainstorms, one industrial area has taken to creating a multipurpose park and flood barrier.

Rabalder Park in Roskilde, Denmark has been converted into a large-scale drainage system that still accommodates park users by providing a new concrete skate park. Designed by the Danish firm Nordarch, the new Rabalder Park project is a series of water canals, bowls, and pools that direct and contain excess rainwater while also acting as a natural skate park. Additionally, the park also contains bike paths, parkour and fitness equipment, and grill/hang-out areas built into the landscape.

The park redesign is a part of a larger project called MUSICON that is working to convert old industrial buildings in the area into new housing, office space, and educational and cultural facilities. The park’s collection and protection functions can serve the repurposed area at large by providing more efficient rainwater management.

The park’s water containment system can hold roughly ten swimming pools worth of water, and is a great example of urban design and functionality. Check out the gallery below to see more visualizations of the project.


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