Abandoned shipping containers to be converted into a sports center in the industrial district of Warsaw.

The industrial district of Żerań, on the outskirts of Warsaw, is a cement wasteland where channels of water flow between the city and Zegrze Reservoir and factories, warehouses and silos sit abandoned. Moko Architects have unveiled a plan to revamp a pair of empty silos and transform them into an indoor skydiving and water diving center. The plans involve combining the silos with shipping containers to create a unique building of recycled materials.

The silos will be converted with one cylinder containing 25 meters of water, so that divers can train and plunge the length of the building. The other silo will contain an underwater compartment to simulate deep-water wreck diving, while the upper half will be devoted to a small indoor skydiving facility. Reclaimed shipping containers will be attached to the outside of the silos, providing office space, training facilities, a hostel as well as an exhibition space and cafe. Additionally, the containers will be stacked around the silos in a particular way to form irregularly shaped balconies, providing a view of the water channels.

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