Biofeedback Video Game Forces Players To Remain Calm To Win [Video]

Biofeedback Video Game Forces Players To Remain Calm To Win [Video]

PIP biosensor measures the body’s reaction to stress, and helps people relax.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 june 2013

If you’re competitive, playing video games may not seem like a stress-reliever, but rather a contributor to stress. But Galvanic want to use gaming as a platform for relaxation, by using a biosensor and games where the only way to win is to de-stress.

The PIP is a small biosensor that you hold between your thumb and forefinger. When you are stressed your sweat glands activate and this changes the conductivity in your skin, this is called the galvanic skin response. The PIP measures your galvanic skin response, to determine how stressed you are. The bluetooth-enabled device links wirelessly to an Android or iOS device and uses games to help reduce stress. For instance, one game, Relax & Race, sees two dragons racing through the air. Counterintuitively, your dragon will only go faster if you remain relaxed. Another, The Loom, uses your stress levels to change a scene – as you calm down a wintery landscape transforms to a spring day to reflect your mood shift.


Currently only a prototype, the PIP is on Kickstarter and is looking for funding to begin the first run of production. A PIP with one installed game is available with a $99 pledge.

While the PIP doesn’t teach you how to relax, it is a useful way to be aware of when you are stressed and when you are relaxed and the mechanisms you use to achieve that state. That way, when you are without your PIP you can conjure up the same tricks, imagine you are dragon-racing, to destress.

See the creators explain how it works in the video below:

Galvanic PIP

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