Taco Bell Rolls Out Protein-Heavy Menu For Gym Enthusiasts

Taco Bell Rolls Out Protein-Heavy Menu For Gym Enthusiasts

Fast food chain attempts to offer healthier options for its fitness fanatic customers.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 june 2013

Taco Bell has never been the healthiest fast food option but it seems the chain is trying to turn things around. The chain is set to debut a new menu called “Power Protein” that will be aimed at their most enthusiastic demographic: young men.

Summer is a time when many people try to achieve and maintain their beach bodies, and a high-protein low carb diet combined with frequent exercise has proven to provide beneficial results. Creating gym-friendly fast food could see the creation of a new customer base for the brand.


Even though the menu will be packed with protein, it doesn’t actually make use of any new ingredients. The burritos and bowls will have the option for double portions of chicken or steak, as well as toppings such as corn, guacamole or reduced fat sour cream.

The burritos and bowls have more than 20 grams of protein and less than 450 calories; they cost between $3.59 and $5.19 depending on whether they feature steak or chicken.

Taco Bell plans to start their tests from July 25 at about 40 locations in Dayton, Ohio.

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