TV Allows The Blind To Feel Objects On Screen [Video]

TV Allows The Blind To Feel Objects On Screen [Video]

Japanese broadcasting station NHK is developing a tactile system to make objects on screen more real for the visually impaired.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 june 2013

Japanese broadcasting company NHK is planning to implement a TV service that allows its viewers to touch virtual objects on the screen.  In line with this, the company is developing a tactile system that applies stimuli to five points on one finger.

The system can help people feel virtual objects through tactile or kinesthetic sense allows a person to feel the 3D shape or 2D graph of an object on the screen through his finger.



The system works better than previous systems where the stimuli was applied to the entire area of the fingertip and angular parts of objects were hard to identify. With the new system, force is applied on five points on the finger and this makes angles and corners feel more natural and more identifiable.

Part of the research into this tactile system is being performed in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.

Watch this demo of the system below.

NHK Open House 2013

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