Visualizations Map Tennis Ball Patterns During Infamous Matches [Video]

Visualizations Map Tennis Ball Patterns During Infamous Matches [Video]

Corona Perspectives gives viewers a visual idea of where the ball landed most and where it had the most impact during the match.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2013

As a unique tribute to three significant matches in tennis, the online interface Corona Perspectives was created by agency JWT Spain and web development studio Espada y Santa Cruz for ATP World Tour partner Corona Extra.

Corona Perspectives gives viewers an interactive and 3D perspective of the trajectories of the tennis ball during three past ATP World Tour matches, more specifically, the 2011 semifinal and final matches in Rome and the 2011 final in London.



The creators of the web page mapped the tennis ball trajectory of the entire match and the website visitors can see the where the ball traveled from either side of the court.

The  page is interactive and visitors can click on the image and move it around at different angles. Visitors can also use the filtering tools at the bottom of the screen and choose to watch the tennis ball movement during different points or sets. They can adjust the rotation of the perspective.

Watch the video about the project below.

Corona Perspectives

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