Tesla To Roll Out Nationwide EV Charging Stations [Video]

Tesla To Roll Out Nationwide EV Charging Stations [Video]

Luxury electronic car brand will set up a supercharger network in major US cities over the next 6 months.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 june 2013

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has announced its expansion plans for its Supercharger network, the network of charging stations for its Model S electric cars.

According to the announcement on the company’s website, it plans to triple the number of electric car supercharging stations by the end of June. It also plans to launch Supercharger stations in major cities in the US in the next six months, and cover most of the US and Canada in about a year.


What’s great about these superchargers is that charging will be free indefinitely for Tesla owners. That means, the company’s plans to build its network of superchargers will allow Tesla Model S drivers to travel for long distances for free and without fear of running out of power in the middle of their trip.



The company has also stated that it is improving the technology behind its Supercharger and lowering the amount of time required to charge its Model S car. The new technology will let Model S users charge their cars at 120 kw and replenish three hours of driving in less than half an hour.

Watch Tesla’s announcement in the video below.

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