LED Ties Plays Tetris [Video]

LED Ties Plays Tetris [Video]

The clothing accessory plays the classic video game.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 june 2013

Bored at work? How about playing a classic video game on your neck tie?

The LED Tetris Tie, created by Bill Porter, is made of 80 WS2811 based RGB LED pixels and a DigiSpark microcontroller. The components are basically taped to a clip-on tie. Currently the Tetris blocks on the tie move randomly, but Porter plans to create an API that will enable him to play with it in the future.

The creation of the tie came about while Porter was teaching kids at the FSU STEM Camp. He wanted to wear something cool on the last day and created the tie the night before in only four hours.

You can find out more about how his project on his Github.



The video clip below shows the LED Tetris Tie in action.

LED Tetris Tie

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