Artist Moves Water With Her Mind [Video]

Artist Moves Water With Her Mind [Video]

Lisa Park’s performance 'Eunoia' utilizes an EEG headset to turn her brainwaves into vibrations of sound that create ripples in smal pools.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 june 2013

New York-based artist Lisa Park uses her brainwaves, which are collected via EEG sensor, to manipulate water. This performance is called ‘Eunoia’, which derives from the Greek words “ey” and “nous” and means “beautiful thinking.”

Artist Manipulates Water With Her Thoughts [Video]

The EEG sensor measures the frequencies of her brain activity (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta) relating to her state of consciousness while she wears the headset. Park’s thoughts are translated in real-time to modulate vibrations of sound using software programs. The brain activity data is sent to Processing, which is linked with Max/MSP to receive data and generate sound from Reaktor.

Her thoughts are then visualized using five pans of water sitting on top of five speakers arranged in a circle around Park, each associated with a different emotion. These reverberate to manipulate the motion of water. You can check out ‘Eunoia’ in the video below:

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