Train Converted Into Travelling Collaborative Art Gallery

Train Converted Into Travelling Collaborative Art Gallery
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Doug Aitken's latest project is a mobile museum that will go from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific this September.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 24 june 2013

Artist Doug Aitken‘s latest project,  Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening, puts art and innovation on railway tracks by transforming a train into a travelling art studio that is set to run cross country from New York to San Francisco.

Aitken‘s vision is to bring together artists, musicians, designers and creatives from different fields to collaborate on this public art project.


The train sets off from New York in September and for 3 weeks will make ten stops along the way to San Francisco. At each stop, an exhibition of art, film, literature and other location specific experiences will be on display along with the train’s existing carriages of curated studios. Several artists, writers, designers and even chefs will be featured in this cross-country exhibition.


Aitken‘s train strives to lay the global cultural conscience alongside Kerouac ideas of travel, spontaneity and place.

Aitken describes the idea behind his Station to Station project beautifully:

Who are we? Where are we going? And, at this moment, how can we express ourselves?—our intention is to create a modern cultural manifesto. For a short time, the most interesting place in the country will be a moving target.

Station to Station looks like it is set to revive the dwindling attention and funding of the art world by creating an endowment model that distributes funds from its ticket sales and donations to its partner institutions such as the MoMA, SFMoMA, LACMA and several others for exhibitions and programs in 2014. The project is supported and in collaboration with Levi’s, in keeping with their motto “Go Forward.” Other funding is raised from ticket sales and donations from museums across the country. Station to Station will announce their digital and media partnerships that will allow further exposure for their featured artists.


Doug Aitken‘s other famous exhibition include “Sleepwalkers” at the MoMA which transformed a Manhattan block into a cinematic experience with projections. His fine art work has been featured in The Whitney, MoMA, The Vienna Seccesion and The Pompidou in Paris.

Station to Station: A Nomadic Happening

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