Racetrack T-Shirt Keeps Kids Entertained While Parents Nap [Pics]

Racetrack T-Shirt Keeps Kids Entertained While Parents Nap [Pics]
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Wearable game mat gives grown-ups a way to get a free massage or rest as their children play.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 june 2013

Keeping your kids entertained while on the road or anywhere they don’t have access to their favorite toys can be a challenge. Unless you’re wearing a t-shirt they can draw all over, anytime, anywhere.

The playmat t-shirt is not only being praised as a great way to keep your kids entertained, but it’s also a great way for you to get a back-rub in the process. Because your child’s playtime involves trailing all over your back with a toy car or train, you get the added benefit of a therapeutic play session.


As the t-shirts go up in size, so too does the size of the railroad or village – depending on which design you choose. Available for about $24 each, the t-shirts could be an affordable way to invest in massage therapy for as long as your kid is interested.

Playmat T-shirt


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