Vibrating Speakers Use Household Accessories To Create Sound

Vibrating Speakers Use Household Accessories To Create Sound
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New design encourages listeners to experiment with the acoustics of different objects to manipulate sound quality.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 24 june 2013

Casey Lin, an Industrial Design student, has reinvented the glossy hi-tech speaker by repurposing wood and glass. Lin’s ‘Timbre Speakers‘ utilizes the acoustic properties of wood and glass to create a beautifully simple speaker.


The set-up is purposefully built to create sounds of different timbre. It is made from walnut wood and has only a single black knob. It works like a regular speaker which users can connect their smartphones to, but it is also built to use regular household objects as vessels through which sound can vibrate to create new aural spins on your favorite music.


The speakers provide an interactive listening experience since users can place objects of different materials- like metal- and different shapes on top of the wooden base to modulate the timbre of their music. The timbre produced by a large, hollow metal vessel would be different from that of glass vases.


The shape and position of the objects also matters to the quality of the sound. A glass filled with water and an empty glass would produce different vibrations. Experimenting with the position of the objects on the speakers’ surface also affects the timbre.


Lin’s ‘Timbre Speakers‘ are definitely an innovative change from our everyday hi-tech Bose speakers. But they are more than just a gadget that emits sound, they are a play on acoustics- we could all develop a ear for sound quality with these speakers, and perhaps this could set up the future of music listening to be more interactive and experimental.

Check out the video for the speakers below:

Timbre Speakers


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