Upcycled Bikes Use Vintage Parts To Get The Best Of Old-School Rides [Pics]

Upcycled Bikes Use Vintage Parts To Get The Best Of Old-School Rides [Pics]
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Bespoke bike builders create a new type of design, crossing vintage frames with contemporary parts.

Libby Garrett
  • 13 june 2013

ReCycledride is a Toronto-based bicycle upcycling company that mixes and matches vintage and contemporary bike parts to create one-of-a-kind styles.

Each reCycledride bike is custom designed and christened with a unique name.  The brand’s recent Pennington model, for example, is made from a 1970s Miele frame, refurbished leather saddle, new handlebars, gold detailing and a gold chain.  The From Paris, With Love features a 1980s Raleigh frame, a Brooks B17 Champion Standard saddle and new wheels, cog, handlebar grip and Continental tires.

Vintage And New Parts Unite To Create One-Of-A-Kind Bikes Pennington

reCycledrides With Love, For Paris (with close ups)

In the words of Rubén Bagüés, manager of the specialist bike blog The Fixed Gear World , the ReCycled approach to building bicycles creates,

a modern bicycle with an ancient heart… a unique design that everyone looks [at] when they see [them] pass [by].

Echoing the ReCycledride approach to building bikes, Bagüés’ has built a hybrid vintage/contemporary bike of his own.  Named Pinky,  Bagüés’ creation is a 1980s Derbi Rabasa frame (reclaimed from his father-in-law’s garage) mixed with a new pink chain, new black crank, new white saddle and new wheels with fashion forward pink and black tires.

Bagüés' Pinky

By combining found and new parts to create custom rides, bike builders such as Recycledride and Bagüés breath new life into the discarded pieces from yesteryear, allowing for greater customization and storytelling than mass produced alternatives.

Source: reCycledride

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