Online Vitamin Subscription Service Cuts Out The Middle Man

Online Vitamin Subscription Service Cuts Out The Middle Man

Koge wants to revolutionize supplement sales by helping people choose what works best for them and making ordering easier.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 june 2013

Walking into a health store can be overwhelming – rows and rows of pill bottles with funny names and high prices. The folks at Canadian startup Koge want to streamline the vitamin purchasing process, by moving it to cyber space to make it easier for consumers to understand what vitamins they need and how to get them at a lower cost.

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Koge’s website is a testament to its minimalist approach to vitamin supplements. There are no signs of flashy claims and branded names, just simple white and red bottles bearing Koge’s name, under five categories: daily essentials, antioxidant collection, weight management, energy pack and whey protein. By selling online, the company is able to avoid the markups that occur when selling in traditional stores. What’s more, Koge has a team of nutritionists who have formulated an online questionnaire, so if you are unsure what vitamins you need, you answer 30 questions to receive a your recommended bottle of vitamins, which will be delivered directly to your door in 30 sachets, one sachet for each day of pills.

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Beyond recommendations and making supplementing a less daunting affair, TechCruch reports that Koge founders Andrew Lenjosek and Alex Hyssen hope to eventually create more tailored personalized combinations of vitamin. They are also working on a reminder service for when to take the precious pills (with text messages or phone call reminders as current possibilities) because when it comes to vitamins, buying is the easiest part, it’s the daily regimen that most people need help with.



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