App Wakes Users Up To The Sound of Sizzling Bacon

App Wakes Users Up To The Sound of Sizzling Bacon

New alarm clock app wants you to wake up Warmly.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 7 june 2013

New Android app Warmly, from the Seattle-based Chaos Collective, believes that we should be waking up to soothing, lullaby-like sounds that lift us into a new day.

We’ve somehow oriented ourselves to wake up to rude, blaring alarm sounds like fire hydrants, drills and scary school bells. But with Warmly, the alarm starts of softly, like a gurgling stream, and the sound level gradually increases, bringing you to consciousness and making the difficult act of waking up almost pleasurable.


All of the alarm tunes on offer are the sounds of activities like the brewing coffee, the gentle hum of train and the sound of sizzling bacon. You can also choose secondary sounds that are gradually added on and they could be the sound of rolling waves, airplanes taking off or quiet simply the twittering of birds. As an added feature, it will also get the weather data for your location, preparing you for your day.

The Warmly app, priced at 2$, is on the Google Play Store and still in its infancy since it doesn’t come with snooze and recurring alarm options. However, the real downside to Warmly is when you wake up to the sound of coffee brewing and sizzling bacon and realize you have to get out of bed and make it yourself.

Check out the video for the app below.


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