Smartphone Bracelet Available For Pre-Order [Video]

Smartphone Bracelet Available For Pre-Order [Video]

The Emopulse Smile Smartwatch is a watch, phone, and a funky accessory all in one.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 27 june 2013

If you’ve always loved those cool high-tech watches or bracelets you see in the movies, you’ll probably go nuts over the Emopulse Smile Smartphone, which is a watch, phone and bracelet all in one.

Aside from the usual smartphone features like being able to answer calls, send text messages, or read social media posts, the Smile has several other functions that can make it a must-have gadget for anyone, and its creators are calling it the ‘indispensable assistant friend.’

It has an ‘artificial intelligence’ that can read the user’s moods. It can tell when the user is relaxed or stressed out. It can also monitor one’s health and diet. It can tell the user when to get up and when to rest. It can make suggestions on where to go for a fun night in town. It can hold incoming calls or tell the caller to call back. It has sound playback, three cameras and even desktop quality gaming features, too.


The Smile also has the NFC wireless payment system built into it, so purchasing anything from the store can be quick and painless. Payment functions and the user’s personal data are encrypted and blocked as soon as the bracelet is off the user’s wrist.

Emopulse has launched an Indiegogo campaign where interested customers can pre-order the Smile. Production of the smartphone bracelet will begin at the end of the year.


Watch the video below for more about the product.


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