Weight Loss App Encourages Dieting By Placing Bets On Success

Weight Loss App Encourages Dieting By Placing Bets On Success

Being healthy just got a lot more interesting with users of DietBet being able to win jackpots of up to $150,000.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 june 2013

While the results of a diet are an exciting prospect, the process is anything but. DietBet changes all that by giving you something (apart from fat) to lose during your diet – your money.

Started in June 2012, the app allows users to create and join bets to lose 4% of their body fat during a four-week period. Featuring a few high-profile bloggers, authors and fitness coaches, the largest pot to date is a mammoth $150,000 – which would be split between users who manage to achieve their weight loss goal.


Apart from the monetary incentive, the platform also acts as a way for dieters to band together, providing a support community for when times get tough. Once players join a game, participants can post motivational quotes, healthy recipes, and workout tips. Forums also allow players to ask questions to dietitians, fitness coaches, and physicians, making information easier to access than if you were going it alone.

There are even safeguards in place to make sure dieters don’t go too far – losing more than 12% of your body weight in four weeks for example, will get you disqualified. BMI is also used as an indicator of health amongst participants.


Designed to be motivational, instead of cut-throat, the platform doesn’t want people encouraging bad habits just for the sake of winning a bit of extra money.

Additional diets are also being planned that aim to encourage weight loss over a longer period of time, or simply help users to maintain their current bodyweight indefinitely.


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