Welsh-Designed Space Suit Injects Local Culture Into Every Item [Video]

Welsh-Designed Space Suit Injects Local Culture Into Every Item [Video]
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The Space Campaign finds a cosmic context for the culture, skills and traditions of the small country.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 june 2013

Designer Hefin Jones created ‘The Welsh Space Campaign,’ a project that features a spacesuit made with help from locals. It “launches ordinary Welsh people into outer space, by finding a cosmic context for Welsh culture, skills, and traditions.”

Designer Injects Welsh Culture Into Space Project [Video]

A plumber built a pressure system for the spacesuit, a traditional clog maker made the boots, and the last remaining wool mills in Wales provided material for the suit. Jones writes:

I aim to reveal that Wales has the capacity to explore space, and to show that off-world culturalisation can be achieved through a collective communitarian effort; as a way to allow the people involved to reconsider their role and skill in relation to these cosmic contexts.

You can learn more about the project by watching the video below:

Hefin Jones

Photos by Alex Duffner

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