Whole Foods Eliminates Produce To Highlight The Dwindling Bee Population [Pics]

Whole Foods Eliminates Produce To Highlight The Dwindling Bee Population [Pics]

The supermarket temporarily removed half its fruits and vegetables in the store to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 june 2013

To raise awareness of the importance of bees to agriculture and to the food system, the Whole Foods Market store in University Heights Marketplace in Providence, Rhode Island has temporarily removed about half of its produce from the store floor to illustrate what would happen if the bee population died off.

The supermarket removed the fruits and vegetables that are dependent on bees for pollination. According to a news release, the store removed 237 out of 453 products. This number represents 52% of the products in the department.



Among the fruits and vegetables removed were apples, onions, carrots, mangoes, lemons, eggplant, cucumber, celery, green onions, and more.

Whole Foods is currently working with The Xerces Society for pollinator preservation and from June 12 to 25, the supermarket company will donate 10 cents to the organization for every pound of organic summer squash sold at their stores.

Whole Foods Market encourages people to help raise honey bee awareness via the Share The Buzz page on their website.

Whole Foods Market

Images via Whole Foods Market

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