Wireless Pillow Speaker Lets People Watch TV In Bed Quietly

Wireless Pillow Speaker Lets People Watch TV In Bed Quietly

The SoftSound Pillow Speaker lets people enjoy TV in bed without bothering the person laying next to them.

Daniela Walker
  • 14 june 2013

Negotiating the hazards of sharing a bed can be tricky business. Booklights solve the problem of late-night reading, but what about when you want to watch TV but your partner has an 8 am morning meeting? This is when you look into buying the SoftSound Pillow Speaker, which lets you have surround sound for the latest blockbuster whilst your significant other sleeps peacefully beside you.


The high-tech pillow has built in wireless speakers that receive signals from an RF transmitter, which connects to your media device, ranging from a television to a smartphone. The speakers are positioned within the pillow, on either side of the viewer’s head, and are encased in memory foam. Included is a soft remote control and a sleep timer, meaning should you doze off, you won’t be startled by strange sounds in the middle of the night.


Although it rings in at $130, the Soft Sound Pillow Speaker encourages compromise and could be a worthwhile investment for some, and a savior to many a relationship.


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