3D-Printed Mickey Mouse Look-Alike Protests Against Copyright Rules [Pics]

3D-Printed Mickey Mouse Look-Alike Protests Against Copyright Rules [Pics]
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Artist created a series of disguised 3D-printed versions of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, symbolizing his fight against 3D-scanning copyrights.

Daniela Walker
  • 22 july 2013

Artist Matthew Plummer-Fernandez is preemptively fighting the fight against possible 3D copyright laws. Although the technology is still relatively new, giving ordinary consumers the tools to 3D-print their own Yoda or Super Mario Bros. models will surely bring down the wrath of the corporations that created these characters at some point. For his project, Plummer-Fernandez chose to focus on one of the most famously copyright-protected mascots of our time: Mickey Mouse.


His sculptures, sekuMoi Mecy and Smooth Operator are both 3D-generated derivatives of the Disney character. The latter was created by using a mesh smoothing technique to blur the identity of the object even further. As for Plummer-Fernandez’s choice to target Disney, he says:

The Disney Corporation fascinates me for paradoxically pioneering remix culture by creating their own versions of public domain characters such as Snow White and Cinderella, and yet the company takes a hostile approach against any attempts to copy their own creations. Mickey has been trademarked as well as copyrighted to ensure it will never have the freedoms of a public domain character, and the corporation have strongly lobbied and secured the Copyright Term Extension Act (known as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act).

See his version of Mickey in the gallery below:

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez

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