3D Printer Can Erase Current Creations [Video]

3D Printer Can Erase Current Creations [Video]

The Suspended Depositions project created a device that injects liquid resin into a gel tank and enables designers to retrace their steps.

Emma Hutchings
  • 26 july 2013

The team behind the Suspended Depositions project, including graduate students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles, created a new kind of 3D printer that has the ability to fix past errors, similar to using an undo button.

3D Printer Can Erase Current Creations [Video]

The freeform printer injects liquid resin into a gel tank, which traps the resin in its liquid form until it comes into contact with UV light. If designers want to retrace their steps, they can change the liquid resin and harden it when they are done.

Co.Labs reports that the printer is faster than traditional 3D printers too. The team compared how long it took to create a wireframe cube. As it is able to print in vectors, the machine drew 12 lines suspended in the gel in 30 seconds, followed by a UV-curing process that took two minutes.

A traditional printer takes about an hour to do the same process, although it does have superior resolution. You can check out the project in the video below:

Suspended Depositions

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