40-Day Dating Design Experiment Brings Two Friends Together

40-Day Dating Design Experiment Brings Two Friends Together
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Frustrated with the NYC romantic scene, designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman documented their relationship every day.

Kyana Gordon
  • 12 july 2013

Dating in New York City can be a tragic and tiresome process. Two friends, frustrated with the scene and both single, decided to embark on an adventurous experiment where they dated one another (complying with a list of rules) for 40 days. Part graphic-designer-online-reality-show and part social experiment, Jessica Walsh (of Sagmeister & Walsh) and Timothy Goodman embarked on a new social life together. There’s a theory that it takes 40 days to break a bad habit, so Walsh and Goodman go through the regular relationship motions every day, all the while documenting each moment through a design diary. Today is day five so we didn’t have much catching up to do.


The two good friends have had opposite relationship problems— Jessica is a hopeless romantic, always looking for love, while Tim has commitment issues, often dating multiple women at once. The daily questionnaire that they answered on the website reveals if they saw one another and if so, what they did together. In addition, they enlisted an impressive group of designers from their professional and personal circles to contribute daily typography illustrating the themes of the date. Today, for example, they explored their past dating histories.

Beneath all the design cuteness and whimsy, 40 Days of Dating is a voyeuristic trip through the honest and cringe-worthy moments of two people trying a different approach to dating in the city.

40 Days of Dating


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