Bathroom Faucet Injects Air Into The Water To Cut Consumption In Half [Pics]

Bathroom Faucet Injects Air Into The Water To Cut Consumption In Half [Pics]
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"Empty Water" concept designed by Philippe Starck could be a big boost for the environment and your water bill.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 july 2013

With water supplies becoming a more serious concern every day, many designers have turned their attention to ways of reducing the strain on already limited supplies. Philippe Starck is one such designer who has created a faucet with huge water saving implications.

Designed for bathroom brand Axor, the faucet uses a concept called “empty water” in which water is combined with air. This concept means that you still feel like you’re getting just as much water as a normal faucet, but there’s actually less than half as much being used to clean your hands.

The water temperature can also be pre-set via a control on top of the faucet which means you don’t have to adjust the temperature while using the faucet, a process that actually causes a lot of water loss.


Based on a water pump he remembered from his childhood, Starck aims to make his design as organic as possible and mimic nature wherever possible. His aim is not just to create a new faucet, but to create a new philosophy when it comes to water use.

Click through the gallery below to see more images of this eco-friendly innovation.

Philippe Starck

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