App-Controlled Power Tool Carves Anything On Anything

App-Controlled Power Tool Carves Anything On Anything

Precision carving tool is the first of its kind that can be taken wherever the work is.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 july 2013

The Handibot is a portable power tool that can cut materials to any size and shape with very high accuracy. It is a first of its kind that can be taken to where the work is (instead of the other way around) that’s also controllable with a smartphone or tablet.

ShopBot, the makers of the tool, say that it works just as well on a floor, table, as it does mounted on a wall or ceiling. It is also able to carve designs into materials of all shapes and sizes, including wood, aluminum, plastic, composite, foam and more.

With a step resolution of 0.00025 inches, ShopBot claims the device combines “the precision for fine engraving or producing circuit boards” with “the power and rigidity to cut construction lumber.”


The tool won’t run off of just one app, instead it will use a multitude of different apps, each meant for a specific purpose. You could have one for cutting holes, another for complex shapes and so on. Even though each of these would have to be bought separately, the idea is that each of them would be much simpler to use when compared with a bloated, complex master app that tries to control all functions.

Currently running a Kickstarter campaign, the device has smashed its target of $125,000, having nearly reached double that amount with more than 20 days to go. While a lot of the earlybird specials have been taken, it’s still possible to secure one of your own Handibot devices before anyone else.

There are also workshops and other educational programs available which mean the tool could become an excellent way to accelerate a handicraft business, or other home-related career.



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