Crowdsourced Map Locates Nearby Surveillance Cameras

Crowdsourced Map Locates Nearby Surveillance Cameras

Citizens can feel safer by finding the CCTV located in their area.

Lara Piras
  • 11 july 2013

Surv is an app that displays all outdoor surveillance cameras within a 100-meter radius of your Smartphone. Calling upon the crowd to provide descriptions of the locations and types of surveillance cameras, the app was developed to empower the public through technology to help people feel safer.


Surv uses both crowd sourcing and its own technology to provide detailed information of the cameras within the user’s vicinity which is conveniently displayed on a map of the area.


Designers Kaza Razat and Khalid Mills explain, ‘Whether you’re a security expert, privacy advocate or just a concerned citizen you have a right to know where these cameras are.’ The collaborators have also begun to introduce gaming elements to the app such as a global leader board and to encourage further mapping users have the ability to unlock new features by logging as many surveillance cameras as possible.

Check out the video below:


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