Artist Creates Food That Moves In The Mouth [Video]

Artist Creates Food That Moves In The Mouth [Video]

Synthetic biology allows this designer to create a meal that might be able to escape your grasp

Ross Brooks
  • 1 july 2013

Minsu Kim, a graduate from the Royal College Of Art, has created a conceptual food that won’t give in to being eaten quite so easily. Entitled “Living Food,” Kim’s project draws on developments in synthetic biology to create a plate of food that moves like it is a living organism.

He presented three variations on the concept for the Design Interactions department graduation exhibition. Each artificial food displaying a different behaviour: wriggling around, waving tentacles or moving up and down as if inhaling and exhaling.


The designer is excited about the possibilities for new dining experiences. Conceiving the possibility of your food playing with cutlery, or possibly cutting itself up on the plate? Kim also talks about the idea of creating hyper-sensations in your mouth, something that would go beyond taste.

Take a look at how much this plate of food resembles a living, breathing creature:

Minsu Kim

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