GlassBattle is a voice-controlled app that lets multiple players engage in the classic game.

Like any new technology, as Google Glass becomes more widespread and developers create more apps for it, we begin to ask – how can we play with it? Developer Brick Simple has created the first traditional game for Glass, and it's a classic. Riffing on the traditional Battleship game but using the new technology it has been renamed GlassBattle.

GlassBattle takes traditional Battleship, searching for and destroying your fellow player's ships, and integrates it into Glass' own API, Mirror. The game is voice-controlled and turn-based, and you can see your moves on a dual screen, just as you would see them on a Battleship board. Currently, GlassBattle isn't available to the lucky few who have a pair of Google glasses because Brick Simple has API quota limitations, but once it is released, there are going to be a lot of people distracted by their second screen, bumping into chairs and walking into walls while shouting: ‘I sunk your battleship!'

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