Bug Repellent Patch Makes Wearer Invisible To Mosquitoes

Bug Repellent Patch Makes Wearer Invisible To Mosquitoes

The Kite Mosquito Patch uses patent-pending compounds to block the bugs' ability to detect the CO2 that humans give off.

Emma Hutchings
  • 18 july 2013

Kite is a small but powerful patch that attaches to clothing and disperses non-toxic compounds that make humans invisible to mosquitoes. The sticker is designed to provide individuals with up to 48 hours of protection by blocking mosquitoes’ human-hunting sensors.

CO2-Blocking Patch Makes Wearer Invisible To Mosquitoes

Co.Exist reports that the Kite Mosquito Patch contains chemicals that stop mosquitoes from sensing CO2, which lets them know that humans are nearby. The patch is being commercialized by ieCrowd, which acquired the underlying technology from the University of California Riverside and is now seeking funding via Indiegogo to send the first patches to Uganda.

It is hoped that the patch will be available and affordable to people in places hit by mosquito-borne diseases, and it could also decrease the use of toxic sprays and lotions. You can learn more about the Kite Mosquito Patch in the video below:


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