Speakers Reimagine Musical Genres As Different City Buildings [Pics]

Speakers Reimagine Musical Genres As Different City Buildings [Pics]

House and garage music take on a new form.

Lara Piras
  • 16 july 2013

Student Michael Harper recently presented BeatCity as part of the D&AD New Blood multi-institution grad show. The project sees a series of speakers made from laser cut wood built in the shape of buildings on a city street, each representing a different type of music. Each carefully constructed building, whether it be a church, high-rise or town house, is created to perfectly embody a particular genre of music ranging from heavy metal to gospel. BeatCity speakers are rechargeable and are designed to sync with mobile. They also contain a conveniently placed dock in front of each building for the devices to sit in.


Harper is currently working on a concept for an accompanying iPhone app, which aims towards higher-end buyers. He told Digital Arts a little more about the future of the project, ‘the application for BeatCity does many things, from being able to view our latest adverts to sending in your own personalized sketch for us to create. At this current moment it is still a concept, and I will continue to develop the idea even further and hopefully get it up and running.’

Click through the gallery for imagery of the design process:

Michael Harper

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