Artistic Business Card Installation Offers A New Kind Of Networking

Artistic Business Card Installation Offers A New Kind Of Networking
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A gallery of business cards lets visitors play with the exhibition and perhaps find a new designer/artist to hire.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 10 july 2013

Tokyo based designers moriyuku ochiai architects / twoplus-a‘s exhibition, Forest of Business Cards, is composed of contact information cards held together by a styrofoam wall. The installation was inspired by the diversity of the Olympic Games and is a collaboration featuring over 200 designers. Each card has the contact details of the designer on the front of the card and their contact information on the back.


The gallery brings together separate, individual designs to form what feels like a single, unified piece of art, thus showcasing the interaction between the individual and the whole.


The business cards are held delicately by a styrofoam wall and are arranged in loose patterns and color co-ordinated units. The look of the gallery is completely malleable since visitors can take out a card they want to take a closer look at and then put the card back in a different position, adjusting the pattern of the cards. In this manner, the installation is sort of moderated by visitors who change the position of the cards.


The exhibition is portable and light since the cards can be easily transported to another country and displayed on a styrofoam wall. An installation of this sort shows us how visitors can influence the art on display and how interactivity features are becoming important ways to engage people.

moriyuku ochiai architects / twoplus-a


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