Photographer Brings Childhood Nightmares To Life [Pics]

Photographer Brings Childhood Nightmares To Life [Pics]
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An artist that explores our deepest, darkest, earliest fears and captures them on film

Ross Brooks
  • 2 july 2013

The bogeyman, creatures lurking in the corners of a room, and psychopathic clowns used to be something that only existed in children’s minds. Now, a photographer has decided to bring them to life in his latest collection of horror photography.

Joshua Hoffine is the man who decided he was no longer content with his childhood fears residing in his head as a vague concept. Using his camera, Hoffine decided he wanted to explore childhood fears, in particular the instinctual fears that all of us experience, despite our best efforts not to.


His “Horror Photography” uses real actors and props to create the scenes within his photos. Volunteers spend weeks constructing sets and perfecting make-up effects to make sure that virtually no post production work (i.e. Photoshop) is required.

Other projects include a showdown with zombies that used Kickstarter to attract the necessary funds. It was also Hoffine’s last photography project before he decided to focus more heavily on cinematography.

Click through to see more of these horrifying scenes.

Joshua Hoffine


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