Choose Your Own Adventure Phone Sex Service Brings Sexy Back

Choose Your Own Adventure Phone Sex Service Brings Sexy Back

Service lets users write and record unique phone sex scripts to send to a special someone.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 july 2013

Dejamor is a company that tries to bring the “spice” back into a relationship during those tough times. So far, they’ve had great success with a monthly subscription that delivers a “his” and “hers” set of instructions and ingredients to create night you won’t forget.

Now the company is looking to turn up the heat even more, with a new product called Sexy Tales. It’s a phone sex service that lets you walk your partner through a series of sexy messages, allowing them to choose the eventual outcome – a lot like a “choose your own adventure” story,


For those who don’t feel too confident in their story telling abilities, the company has provided a build-your-own script to make it a little bit easier when it comes to creating your first sexy story.

Dejamor admits that the intention isn’t to create a fail-safe way to get each other back in the bedroom, but instead, to create a playful and possibly arousing atmosphere that acts as the catalyst for the main event.

There is also the possibility of turning a sexy script into something that reads more like a late-night sitcom, at least if the male and female example scripts are anything to go by.


If you’re worried about the likelihood of your voice messages getting out, take comfort in the fact that only the specific phone number you enter into the system can gain access to your dirty fantasies. Make sure you don’t record the messages while on your lunch break either, you might attract a few strange stares in the office.

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