Bra Unhooks By Clapping [Video]

Bra Unhooks By Clapping [Video]

The Clap-Off Bra pops off at the sound of two consecutive claps.

Daniela Walker
  • 11 july 2013

Fumbling hands of the world rejoice, there is now a bra that is so simple to get off, an unknowing passerby could do it. The Clap-Off Bra by Randy Sarafan does just what it says, it comes off as soon as you clap twice.

Like the Clapper light switch of yore, the Clap-Off Bra is for times when you just can’t be bothered. Sarafan was inspired to create the bra after he read a BBC piece on the intricacies of Syrian brassieres. Explained Sarafan:

In the West, we often think of Arab cultures as sexually repressed societies, when – in fact – it turns out that they are clearly leaps and bounds ahead of us in advancements in lingerie technology. Those of us in Western cultures have a thing or two to learn from the Syrians about gaudy electronic lingerie.

Should you want to make your own Clap-Off bra, Sarafan has kindly posted the instructions on Instructables, but be warned, they are slightly complicated and perhaps more difficult that taking off a regular bra.

See the Clap-Off bra in action in the slightly NSFW video below:

Clap-Off Bra

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