Coca Cola-Flavored Wine Attempts To Win Over Younger Drinkers

Coca Cola-Flavored Wine Attempts To Win Over Younger Drinkers

As vino drinking declines in France, one winery decides to try and appeal to the next generation of consumers.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 july 2013

Hausmann Famille, a branch of the French winemaker Châteaux en Bordeaux is trying to claw back some of wine’s former popularity in France by introducing cola-flavoured wine to interest younger generations.

Wine drinking in France has been slowly declined over the years, falling to 17% of the population who drink wine on a near-daily basis. The number who don’t drink wine at all has also doubled to 38%. One reason for the lack of interest in grape-based beverages is due to younger people switching to beers and spirits.

Hausmann Famille’s solution comes in the form of Rouge Sucette – meaning Red Lollipop in French – a bottle of red that is made up of 75% wine, 25% sugar, water and cola mix. It’s roughly 9 percent ABV and is best serves straight out of the fridge.


“Red Lollipop” is cheaper than a regular bottle of wine, at around $4 per bottle. It will be sold mainly in supermarkets across France, where it will be released next month.

Whether or not this sweetened introduction to the world of wine will act as a bridge to more refined tastes and more expensive products is still up for debate. Alternative approaches could involve a more reasonably priced bottle, or something with a much simpler taste.

There’s even the option of updating the packaging, making wine bottles more visually pleasing to younger generations, and in the process making them more likely to buy based on image, instead of purely taste.


Châteaux en Bordeaux

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