Coffee Beer Mash-Up Beverage Launches In Japan [Pics]

Coffee Beer Mash-Up Beverage Launches In Japan [Pics]

Japanese companies Anchor Coffee and Sekinoichi brewery collaborate to create the new drink.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 july 2013

Anchor Coffee, a coffee business in a small Japanese city called Kessenuma, and Sekinoichi, a sake and beer brewery in the city of Ichinoseki, have come together to create a unique beverage for lovers of coffee and beer.

Coffee Beer is the result of adding coffee beans during the brewing process of beer. The bitterness and the aroma of the coffee beans give the ale a unique deep taste.


The cities of Kessenuma and Ichinoseki were both affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, and the coffee beer is a fundraising project to help with disaster relief efforts.

The packaging for the beer bottles was developed by design studio Nendo. To save on costs, Nendo decided to use existing bottles and cover them with small coffee bean-shaped labels. The labels were applied by hand and every bottle had slightly different patterns of the labels.


Images by Hiroshi Iwasaki via Nendo

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