Colorful Social Housing Aims To Lift The Spirits Of Its Residents

Colorful Social Housing Aims To Lift The Spirits Of Its Residents
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Color therapy is used on white block buildings to create a fun, light hearted living environment for people in Bayonne, France.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 2 july 2013

Spain has been known for their brightly colored buildings and fun architectural designs. It looks like the colorful architecture fetish has crossed the border to Bayonne, France in the social housing project, Algeria.


The buildings are like white, neatly structured Lego blocks and are like clean canvases onto which neat squares of bright color panels are geometrically added. The architecture has made use of color therapy with the aim of helping to boost the mood of potentially disadvantaged residents. The buildings promote healthy living in that the interiors have plenty of natural light streaming in through the large windows as the color panels are translucent.


Built by architects Agence Bernard Buhler, Alegria tries to alleviate the spirits of the residents with its fun, simple design. The The word Alegria means “joy” in Spanish.


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