Artist Uses Crickets To Create Computer-Generated Drawings [Video]

Artist Uses Crickets To Create Computer-Generated Drawings [Video]
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New media artist Harvey Moon created a machine that uses algorithms to render the movement of bugs.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 1 july 2013

If you have ever wondered what kind of work of art a cricket can make, you can stop wondering thanks to the Drawing Machine created by photographer and new media artist Harvey Moon.


The Drawing Machine uses algorithms to create drawings based on the movements of the cricket. For Moon’s project, which he has dubbed Bugs Draw For Me, a camera tracked the movements of the cricket and the Drawing Machine interpreted them on to paper.

Moon, who admitted to having difficulty drawing since he was a kid, created the machine to help him with drawing the images in his mind.

You can find out more about Moon’s work on his website UNANYTHING.


Watch the videos below of the drawing machine working with the cricket and of the artist talking more about his machine.

Harvey Moon


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