Carved Vinyl Records Display Images While Maintaining Their Original Sound

Carved Vinyl Records Display Images While Maintaining Their Original Sound
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A device that uses sound waves to create one-of-a-kind graphics on the analog medium.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 july 2013

Even though there area plenty of companies making use of vinyl records for innovative design ideas, most of them make the records unplayable. That was until Japanese designer Shinsuke Yamaji, created a way to carve custom graphics into a vinyl record while still allowing it to be played.

The designer has created the Cutting Autora Factory Plate – a device that can create custom graphics on the surface of a vinyl, without damaging the spiral grooves that make music playing possible.


Possibilities include simple lines and spirals, all the way up to more complicated graphics and illustrations. The device requires “sine waves and sound data files” to be translated into a visible design before being etched on the record’s surface.

In an age of customization, this new device could give the analog music industry a breath of fresh air. While it’s unlikely to be a complete revival, it could give bands and musicians alike the opportunity to offer customs vinyls alongside the standard offerings.


Cutting Autora Factory Plate

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