Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

Choreography App Traps Dancer Within A Tablet’s Frame [Video]

DOT DOT DOT lets people control a dance routine with their fingertips.

Lara Piras
  • 30 july 2013

Created by Pentagram designer Abbott Miller and 2wice Arts Foundation, the DOT DOT DOT app invites users to interact with a dancer performing a routine designed, choreographed and scored for the tablet. By swiping different directions through a graphic interface of black and red dots, the dancer can be seen from above, from the side, or from the corner of the stage.


This completely original idea comes at a time where dance is increasingly moving into modern times as reported last week, a Paris-based dance company is using a high-tech set to create 3D environments.

Watch the video below to witness the app in action:

DOT DOT DOT is available for download now from iTunes.

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