Half-Sized Dinner Plates Keep Dieters On Track [Pics]

Half-Sized Dinner Plates Keep Dieters On Track [Pics]
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An easy way to lose weight that doesn't involve constant calorie counting.

Ross Brooks
  • 29 july 2013

Staying in shape might sound as simple as eating less food but sometimes it can be hard to control portion sizes. Struggling with the same problem, a trio based in Indonesia decided to create HALVED – dinnerware that halves your meal portions.

Fajar Kurnia, Jeremy Chia and Jo Djauhari came up with idea one night over dinner when they decided to cut back on their food intake to try and stay in shape.


That idea soon gathered momentum, and after tracking down some local manufacturers for the dinnerware, the trio launched a Kickstarter to try and gather more funding for its production.

Portion control is a huge health problem, especially in a society that encourages super sizing most meals. HALVED could turn out to be a surprisingly simple way to shift your perspective on how much is enough when it comes to food intake.


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