Presented by insurance company DVV/Les AP, Keysave is a service that 3D scans keys and saves the files to a secure database.

Insurance company DVV/Les AP is launching a new service that 3D scans keys and saves the files to a secure database so that if you lose them, you can access and download the 3D printable file online and take it to a 3D print shop to be printed.

Those who sign up for Keysave will be informed of a date and place where they can go to get their keys scanned. Then the files will be stored on a secure server, which the owner has a unique access code to.

If you ever lose a key, you just log on to the website from a PC or mobile device and download the file before taking it to be 3D printed, either at a 3D print shop or someone you know who owns a 3D printer. You can check out the video for the upcoming service below:

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