Why Curation Will Be The Future Of DIY Home Furnishings [Future Of Home Living]

Why Curation Will Be The Future Of DIY Home Furnishings [Future Of Home Living]

Design house Le Rival's founder discusses why the accessible nature of 3d printing and the like will leave people looking for voices to help them choose what to create.

  • 14 july 2013

PSFK’s soon-to-be released The Future of Home Living experience will launch our first large scale interactive exhibition that will be open to the public on July 23th at 101 Apartments in Chelsea. The showcase is a carefully curated collection of products, services and concepts that are a demonstration of the trends in the Future of Home Living report.

Dominique Gonfard is the founder of Le Rival, a New York design house that intertwines furniture and architecture in their wide range of furniture offerings carefully chosen from designers all over the world. A couple of Le Rival pieces that will be featured in the exhibition are the Modular Screen by Moorhead & Moorhead and The Infinity Bench by Carl Fredrik Svenstedt.

PSFK spoke with Dominique about the ideas behind Le Rival‘s offerings, design concepts, architecture and what she thinks will be the next trend in home living.


What inspired Lerival’s idea of the architecture of a room actually engaging with furniture?

Our starting point is always about how furniture and objects inhabit a space. Modularity therefore is key, along with graphically-driven designs, materials and detailing. We are always trying to place ourselves within the design conversation and looking critically at where our collection is within the greater context, including the design of a space and also what a client is trying to get out of it. With our collection we strive to put forth products that subtly evoke the American design greats – sometimes we like to joke and call this ‘Americana Bauhaus’ – but essentially it’s an aesthetic that merges our strong nostalgia for modernism with crisp, contemporary graphics and forms.

Do you see the two elements [architecture, furniture] growing more intertwined in the future?

Absolutely – especially as the option to self-manufacture / self-produce becomes more prevalent – architects will have the option to not only design & develop products specifically for a project, but to even manage the ongoing manufacturing process, granting them more control and therefore more coherency. 

You work with a wide range of designers. What is your process of understanding the design value and utility of any piece? How do you choose the pieces that Lerival showcases?

We typically begin working with designers after an ongoing conversation has taken place, basically from a point of mutual alignment / when we both want to do something together.  A few of our designers have been with us from the start, including Moorhead & Moorhead and Carl Fredrik Svenstedt. Both were designers we approached to integrate products into our launch collection and we have been working with them ever since. 

What do you see as the next big trend(s) urban living and why is it important?

I think we are starting to move toward a counter-movement to that of design being suddenly so accessible and a part of the daily conversation, meaning we are shopping for products in a more considered, less ‘everyday’ manner – products that mean more, have a story attached to them, and will therefore last longer. Physically (in terms of interiors) though the home will always be of key importance to the design world, we are definitely starting to see more of an openness toward the inclusion of products by emerging designers & brands in public areas / larger architectural projects, which is very exciting.

 Thanks Dominique!

The Future of Home Living exhibition will feature The Modular Screen and The Infinity Bench which pieces available for purchase through LeRival.

Located at 101 West 15th Street, the Future of Home Living experience will offer a glimpse into the lifestyle of the modern-day New Yorker, just a taste of which you’ve seen above. From the convenient to the visionary, we will provide an opportunity for multi-sensory engagement with the products, services, and ideas that are at the forefront of modern city life.

RSVP here to visit the exhibit starting July 23rd!

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