Solar-Powered Car Fits Family Of Four [Pics]

Solar-Powered Car Fits Family Of Four [Pics]
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First energy positive car can also accommodate a whole family.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 july 2013

Solar Team Eindhoven is made up of a group of 22 students that want to show the world a solar-powered family car is possible in the near future.

Stella, as the vehicle is called, is made up of lightweight materials such as carbon and aluminium, reducing the energy requirements of the solar panels that power it. With a range of 373 miles, the solar panels also produce more energy than the car actually needs, meaning the excess can be fed back into the grid.


The team plans to participate in the World Solar Challenge, which will take the car across 1875 miles of the Australian Outback. It will be judge on speed, user friendliness, number of passengers and the amount of power taken from the grid, all factors that it seems strongly suited towards.

Solar Team Eindhoven

Images via Bart Van Overbeeke

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