Recycled Sculpture Playground Teaches Kids While They Play

Recycled Sculpture Playground Teaches Kids While They Play
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The festival holds pieces like sound-sculptures, music makers and wooden puzzle sculptures.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 3 july 2013

Parade Grounds in Governors Island has been transformed into an interactive playground with the opening of FIGMENT Festival‘s summer-long sculpture garden.

This year, FIGMENT has chosen 11 scultpures (from 40 submissions) that offer kids a unique playground experience. The scultptures aren’t your traditional, run-of-the-mill scultptures. They are meant to invigorate young minds.


In “Reverbrate” sculpture by Chris Neiderer and his team, a bouncy ball isn’t just a bouncy ball anymore- it’s a sound-maker. The wooden enclosing around the bouncy ball has sound platforms that vibrate and emit sound when visitors bounce on the balls.


Other scultpures include the TreeHouse which is the center piece of the FIGMENT Festival. It is made entirely from recycled material and is the performance space for many art projects. Some other sculptures include Biomorphs by Anastasiya Gutnik which is a zoetrope that can be spun to see a narrative of the confluence of nature and technology through slides.


The Musical Wheel and The Musical Box sculptures allow for visitors to see the physical and manual way of producing music since levers need to be pulled and barrels need to be turned with cranks to create harmonious notes.

The FIGMENT Festival is a treasure trove of life-size interactive toys that can be tinkered with, climbed over and cranked up to produce different sensory experiences. The experimental atmosphere it creates arouses the nostalgia of a time when we could play with things that didn’t have a technology powered brain and automated responses and we had to use the our own power of imagination to have a good time.

The FIGMENT Festival runs from June 8th to  September 22nd, 2013.

Check out the gallery of sculptures below:

FIGMENT Festival

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