Sensor Egg Tray Keeps Count Of How Many Are Left [Pics]

Sensor Egg Tray Keeps Count Of How Many Are Left [Pics]

The Egg Minder is a container that connects to your smartphone and keeps track of freshness and quantity.

Alan Khanukaev
  • 9 july 2013

In another incremental step toward a fully integrated smart home, the “internet of things” movement forges on with the recent development of The Egg Minder, an internet connected device that lets you know how many eggs remain in your fridge. The invention is the first to come out of the GE + Quirky line of products, a collaboration between crowdsourcing product development startup, Quirky, and tech multinational, General Electric. The project is intended to “return patents to their original purpose” and encourage innovation and new product development by opening up thousands of GE patents to be utilized and built upon by the Quirky community.

egg minder-quirky-ge-app-iphone-smartphone

At its core the design of The Egg Minder is fundamentally fairly simple. Communicating through a smartphone app, each cup in the tray has a sensor that informs the user of how many eggs remain, as well as a corresponding LED  light indicating which egg in the tray is oldest.

This latest venture by Quirky joins a cornucopia of similarly focused devices including thermostatsmilk jugsrefrigerators, light bulbs, washers,  and coffee cups. Some fully developed, some merely concepts, and all with varying degrees of practicality and utility, the goal of these products remains the same: to make our lives simpler, more efficient, or just more convient by connecting us to the otherwise traditionally analog devices that we interact with on a daily basis. While the information provided by The Egg Minder isn’t exactly vital, it does offer a simple solution to a relatively common annoyance, and it’s precisely this ubiquity that could help push the “internet of things” into the mainstream.

See below for more photos and a demonstration video from Quirky founder, Ben Kaufman:

The Egg Minder

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